Emergency medical information USB






So what is it? 911USB is a small digital storage device that secures copies of medical records.  In the event of an emergency, hospital staff can insert it into any computer with a USB port and your medical information files can be viewed by the doctor or hospital treating you. Once records are stored on the 911USB, It can provide a list of all of your medications and medical history for doctors and medical to be instantly aware of your conditions, medications and allergies. Your medical insurance cards, family contact information and even medical directives can all be stored on the device. The storage capacity is large enough that you can keep information on your whole family in one safe place! 

As a cancer patient, I developed this product to provide peace of mind for myself and my family. I use it to keep up with my medications, chemo therapy treatments, and latest test results. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the names and strength of every one of my medications. In a medical emergency, that information may just save your life! My search to find a way to keep all of this information organized and available in an emergency lead me to develop 911USB. 

As I developed this product for myself, I realized that there are probably a lot of people just like me who need this product. People who live in small towns, remote areas, or travel a lot!  When I discussed this idea with friends, It became apparent that there were more people who need this product that do not have access to a computer!  Senior citizens and folks who can’t afford the latest and greatest computers and technology would need a way to access my   product.  For that reason, I am marketing the product nationwide to local insurance agencies and hospital medical records departments who may be able to assist with scanning paper records onto the device. Asking a family member or friend who has a computer is an option as well. After experiences with elderly relatives, searching for insurance cards, and medicine bottles; I realized that 911USB can also provide peace of mind for seniors and their caregivers. Buy 2 and keep one stored in a safe place so that you have all of your loved ones medical info in one handy location without searching for it! 

The best part is that YOU decide what info you want to store on the USB.  I provide helpful templates that are FREE to use to help you organize your information! None of the forms require you to provide private information (such as social security number, DOB etc).  If you stop taking a medication or your medical history changes, you can easily add a revised page and still keep past information simply by sorting records by date.

The product comes in a credit card style, which I suggest that you keep in your wallet next to your driver’s license. A key chain style is currently being developed as well.  The credit card sized unit prominently displays the  trademarked 911USB logo which is easily recognized by emergency and paramedic personnel. 

A portion of EVERY product sold goes to benefit individuals and families whose lives are devastated by cancer and other chronic illnesses!

My dream is to travel the U.S promoting my product and sharing my story.  Using proceeds from the sales, I will be able to give checks to patients & families to help ease their financial burdens.  I am hoping to find a TV show (Dr.Oz, Ellen,Harry) that will include my travels as an ongoing segment on their show. If you are reading this and can help me make this connection.....Please give my info to show producers to contact me!

Until I can make these connections, I am suspending the online store...but you can still order the product by emailing me directly! (admin@911USB.net)  or call me @ 940-463-5637.