I created this product because, as a pancreatic cancer patient, I needed a way to keep all of my medications, medical records and emergency contact information available at all times when I traveled out of state for cancer treatments or drove the remote country roads near my ranch in Texas. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the names and strength of every one of my medications. In a medical emergency, that information may just save my life!  My search to find a way to keep all of this information organized and available in an emergency lead me to create 911USB.

I quickly learned that the product I had developed had many more uses other than to organize and keep my own medical info.  As a caregiver, an unplanned trip to the ER with a family member who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s opened my eyes to the value of what I had created.  Valuable time was wasted at home desperately searching the house for ID, insurance cards, and frantically collecting a zip lock baggie of pill bottles from hiding places. (If you are a caregiver, you know what I’m talking about!). I now keep information on ALL of my family members on my personal 911USB.  Other family members and hired caregivers also have duplicate 911USB’s so that we have peace of mind that we have the information that we need in the event of an emergency! The 4gb unit is able to store all of my own cancer scans, lab tests, chemo info as well as all of the medical information on my family members as well ! I even keep signed “permission to treat” forms so that I’m prepared with the authorization documents needed by hospitals / Dr’s to treat my grandchildren in emergency situations when they are with me.

“Paying it forward is the main reason that I decided to market this product nationally. I’ve been blessed in so many ways since my diagnosis with Pancreatic cancer in 2006. It has become my life’s work to use proceeds from the sales of 911USB to be able to help others whose lives have been devastated by Cancer , Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases.  I want to leave a legacy of compassion & caring through sales of 911USB!  When you buy my product as an individual or a corporation, you will join me on my mission to make the world a better place!”- Marcia Rodriguez

I will be sharing my story of strength & perseverance by speaking and exhibiting 911USB at conferences across the US in 2019.

There are so many people who will benefit from using 911USB.  Chronically ill patients, parents, seniors & caregivers understand the peace of mind that comes with carrying medications lists & years of treatment records in a credit card sized device that fits in your wallet.  The days of lugging around notebooks with medical records & carrying zip lock bags of pill bottles are over!

The best part is that YOU decide what information to put on your 911USB!  I provide helpful templates that are FREE to use to help you organize your information!  I even provide free tech support and advice on how to get started!  None of the forms require you to provide information. You can delete any forms that you don’t use.  If you stop taking a medication or your medical history changes, you can easily add or delete information to keep things up to date. Most of the information you need can be easily obtained from your doctor’s office & local pharmacy through online patient portals or hard paper copies. 

911USB will also save you time & money by eliminating the need for repetitive testing because your Dr. or  hospital doesn’t have recent test results.  No need to reschedule appointments or waste time on Dr visits because your records (from another Dr or hospital) haven’t been received.

Marcia’s vision for 911USB :

  • Position 911USB as the globally recognized product for personal medical records storage by venturing with leading health tech corporations.
  • Promote individual and group sales at speaking engagements nationwide.
  • Provide an online store for sales.
  • Promote 911USB for sale as community fund raisers with a portion of proceeds going back to the community!  (can be used for patients/families in need, schools, volunteer Fire fighters, any organization that wants to sell a much needed product and raise money for their cause as well!) 
  • Participate in Cause Marketing campaigns to provide purchase discounts & donate a portion of proceeds from sales to groups who list 911USB as a resource for their members.
  • Have the product offered in Hospitals nationwide as an option when patients request their medical records. The traditional CD’s provided currently are single use products and are out of date.  Medical records departments can also offer a fee based update service to assist patients in keeping their records accurate and up to date.
  • Promote 911USB to corporate wellness programs.
  • Promote 911USB as an add on benefit to insurance carriers/travel agents.
  • Secure a celebrity / corporate benefactor to establish and promote a non-profit branch of 911USB to conduct fund raisers & accept donations to be able to provide 911USB free of charge to those chronically ill patients who must travel to receive treatment.

We welcome your comments and suggestions!  

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My dream is to travel the U.S promoting my product and sharing my story at health expos and to be able to give checks to patients & families to help ease the financial burdens of chronic illness. (like publishers clearing house!) I am hoping to find a TV show (Dr.Oz, Ellen,Harry) that will include my travels as an ongoing segment on their show. If you are reading this and can help me make this connection…..Please give my info to show producers to contact me!